Saving Tips for those Geared to their New Homes

Delivery ManPreparing for the moving date could not be done just a day before the moving companies would arrive to pick your things. Preparation takes a lot of time and may sometimes become more stressful that the moving dates itself. Here are a few things you need to keep in minds aside from looking for the right cheap movers to take care of relocating your stuff and even your most priced vehicle.

When to Do the Things you Need to Do

  • Six to Eight Weeks before the Move – You should have already made a list of the things which needs to be packed. Catalogue your belongings. You should decide which to be packed, to be sold and to be thrown away. Items which you think should go with you should be packed early on.
  • Four to Five Weeks before the Move – Packing now becomes more intensified. Final list of what to be brought should be made. This time, you should have already made up your mind on whether you would take the services of cheap movers or you will do the relocating on your own. Finalize your change of address. Utility companies should now be informed about your new location and bills should have already been paid for a new start.
  • Two to Three Weeks before the move – Secure all valuables before having them transported. Itemize what has been packed altogether in one box so you would further organize your stuff. Return borrowed books and have your damaged things repaired.

Deals With Moving Companies

Cheap movers will always have new and fair deals with your but you will still have to do something to reduce the charges against you when it comes to transporting your things to a new community.

  • Ask about discounts for larger items – Your boat, snowmobiles, and other huge items can cost extra. You might want to ask for discounted package that will include everything
  • Reduce Weight – The lesser the items, the cheaper charges will be. You should have already gotten rid of old stuff before the moving date. You will need to transport those things that are useful and most meaningful.
  • Pack appliances the way they should be. Appliances should be packed in a special way. The right packing will reduce their chances to incur damages during the transport.
  • make sure you are ready and you don’t consume the moving company’s time just because you forgot to pack something.